“We have just begun the long trek home after an amazing time in South Africa. I think we’re all leaving a part of our heart behind.” -Laura

“Is on the road to Joburg to fly home from Africa. I really don’t wanna leave.” -Tommy

“Well, we’re on our way to Joberg. Goodbye’s have been said and tears have been shed. We will defiantly miss this place.” -Brandon

“Starting the LOOOOOONG trip back to the USA. We have around 36 hrs of travel ahead. Highlights of the morning… Tommy and I pass on the way to the bathrooms. Me to Tommy: nice hair (it was wild). Tommy to me: fix the beam. David: I’m not taking my towel home. I think there’s an alien growing in it. But the part that brought tears was saying goodbye to Pastor Life. He has been such a blessing to the team!” -Ellizabeth

“Getting on the flight from Jo-burg to Atlanta. It’s a LOOOOONG flight. Goodbye, South Africa! We are leaving a piece of our hearts behind and we are hoping and praying to return next year.” -Elizabeth

We will not forget this place and these people

We will not forget this place and these people

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