“Be jealous people. Tomorrow we are going to Cruger National Wildlife Park. That means lions and tigers and hippos, oh my!!” -Brandon

“Happy birthday, Sarah Beth! Not sure how she did it, but somehow JoyAnn managed to make a chocolate cake on the campfire.” -Elizabeth

“There’s nothing like getting up at 4 to go to a park.” -Brandon

“Searching for African animals in the wild!” -Beth

“Is on a safari. We’ve seen elephants,baboons,zebras,giraffes and other awesome things.” -Tommy

“Animal count for the day: zebra, wildebeast, crocodile, elephant, springbok, giraffe, hippo, impala, waterbuck, baboon, zazu, and kudu. Sadly, no lions, but the elephants were super cool because we got REALLY close to them. Overall, amazing experience.” -Elizabeth

“Today I saw one or more of the following: giraffe, hippo, kudu, crocodile, SQUIRREL (lol), baboon, wildebeast, elephant, impala, and waterbuck. Unfortunately, no lions.” -Laura

What a cutie

What a cutie

Just a few feet away from us!

Just a few feet away from us!

They were huge in comparison to our little van

They were huge in comparison to our little van


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