“Getting up early again this morning to go teach at the Mavhusa school. Brrrrrrrr! Someone start the water for coffee!” -Elizabeth

“We made toast!!! Yippee!!!!!! (The things that make you happy here in Africa).” -Brandon

“Last morning of devotions for the kids. Sad thing but I have to admit, all of us will be glad to get more sleep.” -Brandon

“Making tambourines for our kids program today.” -Laura

“Teaching in Ningeza again. The kids are really attentive. Topic: joyfulness. Laura is telling the story of Paul and Silas. What do you get when you put the music major in jail as Paul? The Hallelujah Chorus from prison. 🙂 Thanks, Brandon.” -Elizabeth

“Doing another kids program. Some of the moms want to participate as well and let us hold their babies. Pretty soon we’ll be running a nursery as well as the kid’s program!” -Brandon

“Going to Friday night church with the Jammers. We’re running on African time right now. (Which means we’re running really late). -Brandon

“Watching Tommy build a fire is pretty entertaining.” -Brandon

“Making cappuccino marshmallow s’mores over a campfire in South Africa. Wish all of you could be so lucky.” -Elizabeth

“The moon here is really cool. Instead of being a crescent moon on the side, the light is on the bottom. Pretty cool if you ask me.” -Brandon

“One way to get warm in South Africa? Volunteer for dish duty.” -Brandon

Devotions on top of a mountain

Devotions on top of a mountain

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