We left the house all bundled up this morning because the temperature difference between Quito and Esmeraldas is quite drastic. It is fun to be in the cold, when it’s not too cold to look cool. We’re all huge fan of scarves (bufandas).

quito_ecuador_kids1We had another good day doing a children’s program. Of course, any day seems easy when you had close to 5oo kids last week. We worked on dependability this morning. Suzanna and I told the story of the men who built their houses, one on sand, and one on a rock. We made it a little more epic, and the foolish man was washed away in his house, never to be seen again. In large group we had the story of Bucky who learned to be dependable.

quito_ecuador_gameteamWe then went out to lunch, but that wasn’t as important as the Espana/Alemania (Spain/Germany) semi-final World Cup game that was playing in the restaurant. Spain won, much to our delight. 🙂 After lunch, we went to a market to shop. After spending a couple of hours shopping, buying bufandas, and draining our wallets, we headed back to Casa del Padre for dinner. Dinner was good as always! After dinner we had devotions. It seems that certain things keep coming up, such as the importance of good doctrine, trusting in God for everything, and surrender.

After devotions, we all “sat around” and played a “calm” game of “Four On A Couch.” By “sitting,” I mean we were all jumping up and down, and occasionally standing up to see which side was out left, and which was our right. By “calm,” I mean we were really loud in our strategies and discussions. I think that the game was best described by our fearless leader, Daniel: “This is the most competitive group of young people I have ever been with.” The night ended with a score of 1-1 with team two coming out with a narrow win. We are now in the process of trying to go to bed, but with this team, it may take a while. As I will not be writing anything more tonight, you may miss some of the action that will take place tonight.

Buenos Nachos,



The young man in this picture, Junior, was one of our assistants in Esmeraldas. He offered to come help for the final kids’ program in Quito and we are so glad to have him with us! He has become a part of our team along with Andrea, Lily, and Andreita.


Our wonderful friend and amazing host here in Quito: Pastor Benjamin. This trip would never have happened without him!

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