Two days before leaving for the jungle again, we started Friday off with breakfast at the Ozuna’s house.! The whole team got up early, dressed nicely, and enjoyed a wonderful meal and gracious service from our hosts. It was so nice to spend the morning with good company and good conversation. I was especially touched by the warm welcome and generosity of the Ozuna family. Over and over again, I have seen how the Lord works in wonderful ways through the enthusiasm and strength of Grace and Gaby, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet their mother as well!

Our stomachs full and our spirits revived, we headed off to the market from the Ozuna’s house. The brisk walk through the scenic town to the market square was just lovely. It was a beautiful day and we were happy to have the opportunity to shop for our friends and family (with a little bit of shopping for ourselves too!!). 🙂 The square was like a giant maze, with white tents set up everywhere where the people sold souvenirs and momentos. All of us had a great time getting lost and then finding each other again in the souvenir maze!! The taxis home were a bit of an adventure too, but we all made it home safe and sound after a few hours in town.

Once back at the Terrell home, we regrouped and discussed what the plans were for the coming jungle trip. After getting our assignments, some of us started right into packing while some others took care of getting the equipment ready, then we swapped. It all worked out very nicely. The afternoon passed quickly, and we were happy to get everything done that we needed to. That night, we had some fun with a movie and ice cream sundaes!! Everyone enjoyed that very much!! We stayed up too late for having to get up so early the next morning, but it was so much fun!! All in all, it was a very good day and I enjoyed every minute of it. The week at the Terrell’s house was wonderful for much needed recuperation and home-based mission work and I’m glad to be gearing up for more mission work in the jungle as well!! The Lord has been very good to keep us all safe and well, and I thank Him for blessing us so immensely with His beautiful creation and His Living Word. It has been SO amazing to read the Bible while gathered around in the most beautiful places in nature I have ever seen. I pray that we may be able to bless as much as we have been blessed.

Amy K., for the team

Buckets ready for water filters

Buckets ready for water filters

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