Thursday, August 20

chiapas-09-parte-8-078-1Today we spent the whole day in Punta Brava. We started with the truthfulness lesson. The kids loved the program They really enjoyed singing Vengo Adorarte (Here I am to Worship) with us. It was a great time to worship God.

The brothers and sisters at the church provided lunch for us. It was an amazing meal. The tortillas were the best that we have had on the entire trip.

Afterwards we went back to the church for the second kids’ program on truthfulness. All the kids were really attentive to the lesson. It’s encouraging to see how engaged the kids are. The loved all the skits and had a good time laughing at us.

img_2211-1This wraps our final day of ministry here in Chiapas. The Lord is good and we are sure that God has made an impact in their lives. Keep them in your prayers. We know that there is a big need for Christ here and we are praying that the Lord will let us come back in the future.

Joni and Gabby, for Team Chiapas


Laura teaching the girls a game that illustrates truthfulness.


Ready for a skit for the kids


Only Tommy!


Nathan, Elizabeth, and one of Joel’s friends took a couple of vehicles and went over to another village (necessitating a canoe ride across the Tulija River) to collect some more kids for the kids’ program. A big family took them up on the offer of transportation and came back to join us in Punta Brava for the day.


A man reading Christian literature translated into Ch’ol


Hanging out with the kids our last night here in the jungle


Daniel and Steven with Joel


I think Steven appreciates the food!

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