Friday, August 14

Fridays are interesting. This may seem like an odd statement. But I have found on a whole that Fridays are always accompanied by some sort of memorable experience.

19-one-of-the-girls-projects-was-to-transcribe-a-session-on-spiritual-warfare-and-prep-it-for-translationThe day began with the breakfast of champions… corn flakes. We had a good devotion time this morning. They seem to systematically be getting longer and more in depth each day; which is to the whole team’s liking I’m sure. Prior to this morning I had a fever and sore throat. I felt a little better this morning, but not much. But hey, stuff happens. The girls’ task today was to transcribe an audio recording of a sermon on spiritual warfare; along with their usual “Cinderella“ duties (the which they have accomplished daily with flying colors). I hear it went well, with as few casualties as possible. 17-more-boards-to-plane-daniel-and-stevens-knowledge-of-contruction-has-been-a-huge-helpWe men went straight into the wood shop, for more physical work, like trying to use our immense muscles to wrap our evidently simple minds around shutters. Nah, I’m just kidding; we did well. We ruined a maximum of 6 feet of lumber and only one of us lost his mind. Needless to say, I went to bed early…around six. I slept roughly eleven hours which pretty much knocked the cold out me. Thank you, God, for healing my body fast.

The rest of the guys worked in the shop for a few more hours and finished up the last shutter before going to bed. One thing I’ll say for these guys (I’ll say quite a bit about these guys given the opportunity) they are good hard workers. Good guys.

23-julie-and-little-gabi-terrellWell, it has been a great time here. I’m sure I speak for the entire team when I say we have enjoyed the last few days at the Terrell’s house. Nathan, Julie, and the girls are such a blessing to be around; and it has been cool to be able to bless them.

Finally, God is awesome. He has been and will be faithful. Lord Jesus Christ, thank for your love, which you show us clearly every day.

Ian, for Team Chiapas

Ian takes a turn at the skill saw

Tommy takes a break from the wood shop… to mow the lawn.

Story time for Chloe Terrell

Returning from a shopping trip to pick up the groceries we will need next week in the jungle. Joni’s such a good sport!

Response to a long day of work. Good job, team!

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