Our desire to see Christ make public His dominion over Lima and Pucallpa has been answered in amazing ways.

Today after catching up on on some sleep, we headed off for some Peruvian “fast” food at Bembos. Their medium burgers and fries are about the same size as junior meals in the USA, and they don’t serve your drink first, you have to wait for the smaller-than-American-junior drink until the meal is ready. While we were waiting one of the team members passed out tracts until someone who worked there asked them to stop.

img_4849At the school we played human Foosball with all 72 high school students while Pastor Salazar talked to the professors. The game really helped break the ice with the students. Afterward we split up into three groups. Steven, Michelle, Ruth, and I talked to one about respect and attentiveness using examples from work (Pastor Salazar made a great horse). Gene, E.J., Adrian, and John talked to another group about commitment using the illustration of the three chairs representing hot, lukewarm, and cold. The conversation led to the Gospel, and Amalia, their translator, gave her testimony. img_4860Elizabeth, Brook, Katie, and Kat also used the illustration of the three chairs for the last group and talked about making important decisions such as choosing friends, watching movies, and where they are going in life. Kat gave a testimony about bitterness.

We let out early so we had to wait a while for the bus, but that gave us time to pass out tracts. While passing out tracts I met a Christian woman who is struggling with her daughter and was able to direct her to Pastor Salazar for more counseling. We stopped by a restaurant to pick up some Peruvian sandwiches, empanadas, and donuts, which we took back to the hotel and eat in Steven’s and my room. Afterward Pastor Salazar led a devotion from Deuteronomy 1:5 about not staying in our comfort zone, but fighting for the Kingdom of God.

Continue to pray that Christ Jesus will be praised by all we do and say.

Charlie Johnson for the team

In his navy blue Peru jacket, Charlie blended right in with all the students in their uniforms.

Getting everyone organized to play the game. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little Spanish and a lot of sign language.

Gene’s group

We’ve been able to spend some time talking individually with students. Sometimes it’s just about normal stuff like “Where are you from?”, “What do you like about Peru?”, etc. but sometimes it’s also much more serious questions like “Why do you talk about God so much? How do you know He exists?”

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