dscn1202Hello, our dear family and friends! Greetings from Lima, Peru! I would like to give you a snapshot of our day on Tuesday. Bright and early in the morning, we headed out to do a program at a school. The theme was gratefulness – we did a skit, song, and decorated “gratefulness glasses” with the young kids. It was a lot of fun! img_4592After that we went around to the different classrooms of the older kids and introduced ourselves to them, informing them that we would be back the next day to teach them about character.

Our fearless leader, Stephen, was struck by sickness as well as dear Ruthie… it seems as though Satan is trying to dampen our spirits and discourage us – but He will not succeed!! During our devotion time, we read from Isaiah 40- “…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength…” which we found very encouraging.

After lunch, we dropped off our laundry to be washed (to the joy of many of the team members!). A group of us also spent some time together sharing our salvation testimonies and singing songs in the bus – it was a very nice time. Later we went grocery shopping at Metro (kinda like a Super WalMart), where we purchased our dinner and some other supplies.

We decided to spend some time relaxing together watching a movie… “The Emperor’s New Groove,” which is rather appropriate because the story is set in Peru. We found some of the situations humorously familiar… : ) Then it was off to bed…

Thank you all for your prayers – please keep it up! We have been able to see over and over again how God is doing mighty things in the lives of the Peruvians as well as our own lives. He is so faithful and good!!

Sending you our love, hugs, and smiles!! : )

Brooke, for the Team

The kids were hesitant at first, not really sure who we were or if we were worth listening to, but they warmed up quickly.

Enjoying the story

The rooftops of Lima as seen from our hotel

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