Hello, dear family and friends! Here’s a snapshot of our day on Tuesday, July 7th…

gene-and-futbolWe had so much fun with the kids at the Saco Oliveros school last week that we were glad to be able to meet them again. This time we gathered at a sports field where we took on the intimidating Peruvians at their favorite sport – futbol (a.k.a. soccer). What a super fun time! Our guys played an intense game with the boys from the school. They lost to the Peruvians but sure put up a good fight! bailey-and-friendWe girls, on the other hand, won our game (but I will admit it didn’t seem nearly as difficult as the guys game…)! Woo-Hoo!! Simultaneously, our team taught the Peruvians how to play volleyball. We walked with them back to their school, visited and signed autographs, gave emails, and departed for lunch. It was great to fellowship with them after having taught them all last week – they’re a great group of young people.

For lunch we ended up at a burger place where we enjoyed, of course, burgers, fries, frozen lemonade, etc. Let me just give you a quick word of warning… never give our team straws with the wrappers still on… not a good idea… you will see flying paper… : ) Later in the day we went on a tour of a Christian print shop. The workers showed us what products they sell and how they animate their cartoons. They gave us some gifts of things that they make and also gave us some tracts to hand out.

la-punta-pizzaAfter a lengthy drive out to the area of La Punta, with Pastor Salazar hollering out the side of the bus for directions, we handed out tracts at a local town square. Unfortunately, there weren’t as many people there that night as we were hoping would be. However, while we were there, we got to meet up with a young lady that Liz had the privilege of leading to the Lord on a trip two years ago. She was so sweet! For dinner in La Punta… you’ll never guess… Dominoes Pizza! What, in Peru? Yes, in Peru! After that, it was back to the hotel for team devotions…

God is so good!!

Sending you all blessings and smiles!

Brooke for the Team

Go, John! The score for the guys was close… something like 5 to 4. The guys could tell you for sure. They didn’t lose by much, especially considering that they were playing against Peruvians.

Adrian was once again one of our best scorers.

The girls’ futbol teams

It was a great time of strengthening the relationships started last week.

The teens were eager to talk… even if our Spanish left something to be desired. Fortunately, a good number them speak some English. Between their English and our Spanish we were able to have good conversations.

Exchanging email addresses

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  • Numba5

    OH MAN!!! I missed a good soccer game! oh well. It looks like this trip was awesome!!! I wish I could’ve been there.

    Good stuff,

  • CaliforniaFox

    Yeah, Nathaniel… you should have been there to help out the American team! We missed you! OK, we missed you for more reasons than losing some of our futbol matches. – E

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