Good day folks and thanks for tuning in for another broadcast! This is Bailey reporting live on the day’s adventures of the Global Encounters Team Peru.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as a city transportation complication (a worker’s strike), the team’s ministry opportunities have been sadly minimized for today. This was much to the chagrin of many of the team members. Shantytown outreach, the original plan, was canceled for safety reasons. Being stoned through the bus windows didn’t sound too appealing, and we needed Steven to teach later in the week…. Consequently, the team enjoyed some extra free time.

laundromatWith some cohorts taking advantage of the extra chance to savor some refreshing rest, various members of our party started off the day with breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Later departing from our abode, we arrived at a welcome location, the laundromat, where we left our assorted bundles to be miraculously transformed into clean clothes. bailey-and-pizzaAfter that, we decided to grab a bite to eat. Since we were at it, we went for a big bite and had delicious pizzas at La Romana – mmm! Having stuffed ourselves, we piled onto the bus and headed for the Metro, a store that is reminiscent of a Super Walmart. There the team completed some shopping and Adrian was able to restock on some substantial food to compensate for her unfortunate inability to eat more traditional meals (due to certain aji restraints).

steven-at-the-black-marketFrom the Metro, we moved on to a strikingly different venue, which was dubbed the mysterious title: The Black Market. This place was an arsenal of accessories and items ranging from outdated electronics to cozy sweatshirts, sleek SLR cameras to athletic tennis shoes. Quite the variety! Leaving the trinket treasury, we ventured to a local beach. With some enjoying the nighttime view of the expansive ocean and shoreline lights, others grabbed the volleyball for some quick hits.

Back at the hotel, we gathered for devotions in Steven and Charlie’s room. This included a special time of sharing in which each team member was able to encourage the rest with what God has been teaching them individually through this trip. What a neat opportunity for each one of us to encourage each another with living testimonies of God’s great works! The evening concluded with a team movie night.

Thanks folks for tuning into our broadcast! We greatly appreciate your prayers as we serve on a continent that’s “like America, but SOUTH!” Stay tuned for the next Global Encounter’s Peru adventure.

This is Bailey, reporting for the team. God bless!

Witnessing to passersby at the laundromat. Since we can’t do ministry quite where we wanted to today, we’ll take it wherever it comes. Way to go, Charlie and Steven!

Ruth is practicing up on the songs in Spanish for the upcoming family conference later this week in case she has to fill in for Elizabeth, who will be working with the teens part of the time.

We immediately quarantine all aji pepper at the far end of the table from Adrian.

The colorful streets of Lima

The Lima coast at night

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