Thursday began with a bang! Starting early (or early for our sleepy team) we made a presentation for a school assembly, complete with the Hockenstock skit and the energetic boomerang song.

img_1039-1The second school we went to was in a state of mild chaos with the outdoor “large group” assembly unable to meet due to rain. So, with bursting classrooms, we moved the production inside and set to work with skits and songs.

After that we hit the road, exchanging dollars for soles at a local bank and eating lunch. Back at the hotel, most stayed to prep for the evening children’s program and rest while a team delegation went back to the school for another presentation for the older kids.

Heading over to the church, we happily managed a successful children’s program (by God’s awesome grace). After, we headed out for a late dinner. A wonderful day of ministry in Pucallpa, Peru!

Bailey, for the team

Brooke teaching one of the craft teams

Learning about forgiveness with another craft

The park across the street from the church where we are working

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