dscn0031.jpgWe were off to the Ft. Lauderdale airport by 5:15 this morning. After missing their alarm, it took the girls only 15 minutes to switch from waking up to leaving for the airport. Ack! Not the plan, but hey, we made it, right? J The flight was under two hours and we arrived in Kingston, Jamaica by 9:30 am! Amanda, Nathaniel, and their uncle greeted us at the airport curb and our taxi van soon arrived. We had a little tour as we drove through the city to the place we are staying. The extremes of wealth and poverty were very pronounced as we drove through part of the city.

dscn0029.jpgThe early morning ride to the airport in a very full suburban!




Yesterday we found out that the “children” that we will be working with this week are older than we had thought, so today we brainstormed together, and made some changes to our curriculum so that it would fit our adolescent and older audience. We are working in two remedial schools, with students ages 11-28. We’re praying that we find the right balance of making it easy enough for them to understand, while at the same time presenting the curriculum in a way that builds them up and encourages them where they are.

















We joined in celebrating the Forman’s cousin, Peter’s, 14th birthday today and enjoyed the amazing weather and trying new Jamaican foods!


It’s a very full day tomorrow, and we plan to get a good night’s sleep to start off our week!


First thoughts about Jamaica from the team-

Celina: “Beautiful!”

Amanda: “YEAH!!”

Michele: “The scenery is so beautiful and the terrain a lot different than I expected, with mountains all the way to the edge of the ocean.”

Gloriel: While coming down for landing, “Hey we could run right off the end of the island!”


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