St. Margaret’s Report:

~ The small groups have been going really well. We talked about diligence and perseverance today (very applicable for our team). We gave the kids some cool, though rather hard to see through, glasses to remind them to see things that need to be done and do those things.

~ St. Margaret’s has been quite the challenge. We’ve decided that there is always a dull hum in the background – always. The kids have been so sweet and we have loved getting to know them.

~ I think I’m going to gain 10 lbs from eating patties and coco bread and drinking soda and bag juice. I LOVE bag juice!

~ The kids said that they would miss us when we left. Please pray that the kids there would really know Christ and apply His word to their lives.


Christ the Redeemer

~ We combined the two groups and did one lesson with them.

~ The three-legged race was great. Even Mr. Williams, the director of the school, joined in.

~ Some of the team had a really deep conversation with a few of the youth at the center about their lives and choices that they were making. 

~ The Lord put together our team and equipped us with different gifts and testimonies that connected to the youth. Leah’s and Celina’s testimonies were powerful and touching to groups earlier in the week. Drew shared a testimony today with a group of young men at St. Margaret’s about his life and how the LORD can help you through anything. It has been neat to see how God has used each member.

~ Praise the Lord! Celina’s friend, Feyan, prayed with her to make Christ the Lord of her life. (I have been so proud of how Celina has shared the love of Christ with those around her.)

~ The principals were still smiling at the end of the week – hopefully not because we were leaving.



~ We have amazingly long team meetings every night in which numerous rabbits appear and make us follow them.

~ Apparently we are diligent elephants because we make so much noise in the attic.

~ Leah falls asleep in all of our team meetings 😉


Life is ministry. Ministry is not something that we do or plan; it is our way of life. I pray that our ministry here lasts longer than just this week, that our group is not just one of many that serves here, but that lives have been changed for Christ.


Amanda, for the team

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