Team Picture - Peru Summer Team

Job well done, Team!! It was a pleasure to work alongside you in Peru. You poured your time, energy, and heart into your work. I think the greatest compliments you received were from the translators who said, “Working with you was great! I’ve learned from the way you work with kids, but more than anything, I saw Jesus shining through your lives.” You couldn’t ask for higher praise than that and I want to echo it. I saw Jesus in you as you accepted difficulties (spiritual warfare, cold showers, long hours, all-night bus rides, earthquakes, “kachi-vachis”…) without complaint, rallied around team members when they were down, prayed for each other, and through it all, served with love and joyfulness. I’ve never seen a team that prayed for each other more. At the beginning of the trip, I was a little concerned that with so many talented, capable, outgoing people we might have a group of individuals doing their own thing because you could all have been very self-reliant. Instead, I saw you pull together as a team and rely on the Lord rather than your own strength.

As you each return home and get started with whatever the Lord has on your plate for the fall, know that I will be praying for you. As you consider everything that happened in Peru, may it deepen your love for the Lord, your confidence that He is totally trustworthy, and your security in His love for you.

team leaders

May you go forward from this experience with a greater understanding of who you are in Christ and with a burning desire to serve and follow the Lord wherever He leads you next. I love you guys!

On behalf of all three of the team leaders, thanks for being an incredible team and for allowing Christ to work through you.


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  • Mary Frances

    Thank you, Elizabeth. The picture is awesome. I love it. I miss my family.


    Mary Frances

  • Charlie J

    What on earth is goin’ on in that picture! What am I doing there? Leean looks like she has a really bad case of the kachi-vachies! And it looks like a few folks off the street manged to get in too! Were we all confused over if it was a laughing pic or a funing pic or were we just all got off gaurd?!

    Oh, by the way. Great Job Team, you’re a buch a great people have a great time doing a great thing with! And way to go Team Leaders! Hope someday we can work togather again!

  • Amanda

    SO … our team leaders were totally AMAZIN’! Aren’t they cute in their sweatshirts 🙂

    love you!


  • Mary Stinnett

    Couldn’t have asked for better team leaders or friends! I miss and love you guys!!

  • Leah Bousfield

    Charlie… you’re not alone… I was wondering what was going on in that picture as well… I was just hoping that maybe in all of those thousands of pictures that we took there was a better team picture????
    I definitely didn’t get the memo about what kind of a pose that picture was supposed to be!
    Anyway, I love you all tons… and I hope to see you at some reunion or something. (you all had better come!)
    Keep in touch peoples!
    In Christ Alone,

  • Mary Frances


    That’s all I have to add.

  • Laura

    Thanks so much Elizabeth for the picture and the last of the blogs!!! I absolutely agree about the picture fitting our team… I love all of you!

  • Joanna

    I love our goofy team, and I love our adorable team leaders! Y’all are the best! I’m feeling more and more grateful for every bit of my Peru experience. All praise goes to God for that…but thanks to everybody else for being such an awesome team too!
    Love you tons! Swede

  • Numba5

    We need to have a Veteran’s trip…

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